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Circle of Music and Art sees itself as a guide and encyclopedia through the world of the arts.
As there were the literature, the fine arts, the performing arts, as well as the music. Among other things, we endeavor to explain the different styles and epochs as simply and easily as possible, without simplify too much the sometimes complicated facts.
We also explain various techniques, and introduce one or the other artist. On a journey into the past, we will also make a stop with old acquaintances, so they will not be forgotten.
Because art is a cultural asset to which we should all have access.

Lady Gaga

Suddenly she was there! In 2008, the radio suddenly made unusual sounds: “Po-Po-Po-Po-Pokerface” was heard now on every corner and from every car.

Katja Riemann

Katja Riemann was born on the 1st of November 1963 in Kirchweyhe as Katja Hannchen Leni Riemann and is the daughter of a teacher couple.

Franz Marc

Franz Marc was a German painter, draftsman and graphic artist and is still regarded today as one of the most important painters of Expressionism in Germany.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Annette Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia and is an American actress with German roots. Her mother was the German opera singer Helga Meyer.

Marilyn Monroe

Am 01. Juni 1926 brachte die Filmeditorin Gladys Pearl Baker im General Hospital in Los Angeles ein ungewolltes, uneheliches Mädchen…

Pablo Picasso

Vollständiger Name: Pablo Ruiz Picasso Tätigkeitsfeld: Maler, Grafiker und Bildhauer Stil: Mitegründer des Kubismus zusammen mit Georges Braque Geburtstag: 25.…

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire ist eine der erfolgreichsten Country-Sängerinnen deren Alben sowohl in den Country-Charts als auch in den Pop-Charts vertreten sind.…

Joe Cocker

Geboren und aufgewachsen „Joe“ Robert Cocker kam am 20. Mai 1944 als Sohn von Marge und Harold Cocker zur Welt.…

Katrin Weber

Katrin Weber begeistert als stimmgewaltige Sängerin und wunderbar wandelbare Kabarettistin. Man nimmt ihr die Trude …….

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