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Circle of Music and Art sees itself as a guide and encyclopedia through the world of the arts.
As there were the literature, the fine arts, the performing arts, as well as the music. Among other things, we endeavor to explain the different styles and epochs as simply and easily as possible, without simplify too much the sometimes complicated facts.
We also explain various techniques, and introduce one or the other artist. On a journey into the past, we will also make a stop with old acquaintances, so they will not be forgotten.
Because art is a cultural asset to which we should all have access.

“Anna” von Justus Pfaue

Ich weiß gar nicht mehr, wie oft ich mir damals die Verfilmung dieses Buches mit Silvia Seidel und Patrick Bach…

Leonard Nimoy

Few actors manage to make such a deep impression throughout their careers as Leonard Nimoy did in the role of Mr. Spock.

„Feuchtgebiete” von Charlotte Roche

"Feuchtgebiete" ist mal was ganz anderes. Ich wollte dieses Buch unbedingt haben. Mein Mann kennt Charlotte noch aus ihren VIVA…

“Das Parfum” von Patrick Süskind

Das ist wieder so ein Buch, daß ich an einem Stück durchgelesen habe. Ich konnte es einfach nicht weglegen. Sicher…

Knock On Wood

Jeffro Uitto arbeitet mit Treibholz und naturbelassenen Fundstücken aus seiner näheren Umgebung, der Washington Coast. Jedes Stück Holz, dass er…

Music – wasn´t that something fort the ears?

Unfortunately, nowadays only emphasis is placed on the look. Musicians and singers who come too much in the face with too big a body mass index and three wrinkles will hardly get a chance anymore.

If you want to join the world of the arts, you are welcome to write and introduce us. After a thorough examination, you maybe are also there. No matter what kind of art, everyone is welcome.
We´re glad to hear from you.

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