Literature is generally understood verbally or in writing fixed, linguistic evidence. Also scores, so written music is one of the area literature.
Man has always liked to hear and tell stories. Not a few ancient sagas and legends were passed on orally for many generations until someone had the idea of writing them down. These stories mostly dealt with heroes, kings, knights, tasks that had to be mastered or monsters that had to be overcome. But also natural disasters, wars and the rise or fall of entire cultures has been described. Heroic acts were told in poem form or sung in songs.
After many cultures had finally developed a font, important things no longer had to be handed down orally, but could be pass down in writing for posterity.
At least now, the spread of knowledge was unstoppable. Anyone who was capable of writing enriched the art world with novels, poems, lyrics, dramas, comedies and tragedies.
At some point it was necessary to sort, subdivide and name this wealth of literature. This is still a difficult task; but to keep it as simple as possible, literature today is divided into three dominant genres, as Aristotles began in those days and was later continued by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Epic, Poetry and Drama. The drama can be subdivided into comedy and tragedy.
However, at that time not as much was published as it is today and therefore there are many more directions in which a written work can be categorized. As there would be the "Trivialliterature", so everything is entertaining and easy to understand. The opposite is the "high" or "demanding" literature.
In the book trade you can also find "fiction", which includes the various forms of entertainment literature, such as the novel and the narrative.
Before it becomes too complicated, we take the non-fiction as the fourth main genre and hope that we can spread the entire literature pretty neatly in drawers ... which we will not succeed…
But no matter what genre the book counts in, in wich we buried ourselves, the written word has always inspired our imagination. It creates images in our minds that could not be replicated by any film industry in the world. It takes us into strange worlds, long gone or not yet happening times, lets us meet interesting people and experience adventures with them. We fever and fear with our heroes or expand our knowledge of interesting topics and only by opening a book. The rest is history ... preferably a never ending one.