Take a few tones of different timbre, height and duration, divide a few pauses in between and you have a melody. If you pep it up with a bit of rhythm, it may even become a song and that is generally understood as music.
Music is an art form that consists of simple "sound events" and uses "acoustic material" such as sounds and noises to create them. These sounds can be created with the help of various musical instruments or use your own voice for it.
The interplay of several notes simultaneously creates a polyphony and the arrangement of selected tones creates harmony.
According to modern understanding, music is nothing more than sounding and perceptible sound and yet it is so much more. Because it took several thousand years to produce such a variety of classifications as we have today or are trying to define.
There are countless different styles in music, all of which are part of the cultural heritage. The best known are probably dance and salon music, operettas and musicals, as well as rock, pop, jazz, soul, techno and many more.
Music is as old as humanity. At all times, in all cultures and on various occasions, music has been played and sung with fervor.
The lonely shepherd on the remote alpine pasture passed the time by carving a flute and inventing melodies that he played for his animals. Indeed, the flute, carved from a bone, is the oldest known musical instrument.
At some point a mother started singing her child to sleep and this child passed the songs on to his own children. Stories told around the campfire are easier to remember if you recite them in verse with catchy melodies. Singing is still used today in some schools as an aid in memorizing.
Music and songs that you sing together strengthen the feeling of togetherness, which is why every country today has its own anthem, which should reflect the identity of the country and its people.
Children are often enthusiastic about mocking songs, just like their parents, should they be a member of a football club…
Music arouses emotions. A melody can evoke moods or even manipulate them. With skillfully used sequences of sounds and the right rhythm, you can emotionally influence whole crowds. Anyone who has ever attended a major concert can tell a song about it. (Pun)
A story, situation or scene that is shown in a film, for example, first conveys the right mood to the viewer with the right music.
Music can even be used as an independent healing method, namely in music therapy, which serves to restore, maintain and promote mental, spiritual and even physical health. Because music is a language that everyone really understands.