Dance is so much more than just putting music and rhythm into movement. Apart from the fact that dance is of course a genre of the performing arts, it is also a custom, ritual, sport, occupation, form of therapy and expression of emotions.

In art, dance is used to depict feelings and actions graphically. The dancer uses his whole body including facial expressions and gestures to convey emotions and an action to the audience with the help of music and the use of all his elegance and expressiveness with his dance movements. In modern dances, the dancer often only tries to interpret the music with the movements of his body.

We know from ancient Indian cave paintings that around 7,000 years ago people danced on special occasions. The dances were mostly ritual, it was about death and rebirth and the professional dancers only performed their technically very demanding performances in honor of the gods.
Even today there are still dances that serve a ritual; like the dances that are danced at a debutante ball, for example, when young girls are introduced to society.

Today, passionate dancers have a variety of professions to choose from. He or she could work as a ballet dancer, dance teacher, dance sports trainer, dance teacher, dance therapist, dance theater maker or choreographer. You can use countless dance styles and forms.
The abundance of dance forms and their sub-categories that are now available is difficult to understand, however, as every culture and every country has developed its own dances, whether individual, couple or group dance, the list is endless.

Foto: Ewa Krasucka TW-ON, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons