Portraits of performing arts artists

Gerard ButlerIt doesn't matter whether you put him in armor and put sword and shield in his hand, give him long teeth, let golden blood flow out of him, or hide his distinctive face behind the half mask of the Phantom of the Opera, Gerard Butler makes it a good figure in every role.

Few actors manage to make such a deep impression throughout their careers as Leonard Nimoy did in the role of Mr. Spock. Of course, he has played many other characters throughout his long life, but if you think of Leonard Nimoy, you automatically think of the green-blooded, pointed-eared Vulcan from the 1960s TV show Star Trek.

Marilyn MonroeOn June 1, 1926, the film editor Gladys Pearl Baker gave birth to an unwanted, illegitimate girl at the General Hospital in Los Angeles and was placed in the care of foster parents only twelve days after birth.

Sandra BullockSandra Annette Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia and is an American actress with German roots. Her mother was the German opera singer Helga Meyer.

Katja Riemann was born on the 1st of November 1963 in Kirchweyhe as Katja Hannchen Leni Riemann and is the daughter of a teacher couple.