Genres of the visual arts

To get a little order in the various forms of art, they have been divided into art genres. The basic genres of art related to the medium of expression are the fine arts, the performing arts, literature, and music. But the individual genera can also be subdivided again:

In the fine arts, the various genres of art are still relatively clear.
A distinction is made between:

painting - sculpture - Architecture - drawing - graphic - photography - Handicrafts

DrawingIn simple terms, a drawing is nothing more than an image that depicts a motif with lines. The difference to painting is that normally no colors are applied to the whole area or mixed with one another in a drawing.

Any craft that requires special artistic skills can be described as handicraft. Typical examples of handicrafts are

The term "photography" comes from ancient Greek and means something like: "Drawing with light", which is why

Burg von HimejiArchitecture or building art describes on the one hand the manual occupation and on the other hand the aesthetic engagement with the built space. In the art of architecture, planning, design and construction takes place in a systematic manner.

Cave paintingPainting is one of the classical genres of the fine arts. In essence, the painting describes the application

The four riders by Albrecht DürerStrictly speaking, the term "graphic" is a collective term for all artistic and technical drawings, as well as for their

PrinzessinnengruppeSculpture is a genre of fine art in which three-dimensional sculptures are created from solid materials such as wood,