Georges SeuratThe son of a retired bailiff was introduced to the world of painting by his uncle,

a textile merchant and amateur painter, while still at school. He took part in drawing courses at a city evening school, read a lot in books on the arts of drawing, but also on physics, geometry and other theoretical works, and studied the old masters in the Louvre.

Full name: Georges-Pierre Seurat

Activities: painter and draftsman

Style: pointillismGeorges Seurat

Birthday: December 2nd, 1859 - March 29th, 1891

Place of birth: Paris, France

Parents: Mother: Ernestine Faivre

Made famous by: Georges Seurat dealt with optical problems like hardly any other artist, dealt with physics and geometry and the simultaneous contrast of colors, the color wheel and color theory. Through his experiments with color mixtures and separate color dots, he developed his style of pointillism.


1881: "Forest in Pontaubert"
1885: "Morning Walk"
1885: "Le Bec du Hoc"
1885: "Le Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp"
1886: “Le port d´Honfleur
1888: "Les Poseuses"
1890: "An evening on the Gravelines Canal"
1890/1891: "The Circus"


 Bild Unidentified photographer / Public domain