Jeffro Uitto works with driftwood and natural finds from his neighborhood, the Washington Coast. Any piece

of wood that he processes remains largely as natural as it once grew and in the state in which it was found. If you look at the crooked, rooted and gnarled wood individually, you can hardly imagine what Jeffro Uitto has in mind. It was not until the pieces collected on the beaches of Tokeland and Smith Creek and the valleys between the Willapa Hills were worked on and put together with the tools created especially for his work that one sees with disbelieving astonishment what images the artist had in mind before.
His talented hands make great sculptures of animals and even pieces of furniture or unusual wall coverings.
For dead wood, which would only burn others, Jeffro Uitto gives a new life as a fantastic work of art, which he sells in his shop "Knock on Wood”.

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